On the Issues

• Sharron strongly believes in the power of education and is an advocate for better education of the public.

• Having spent 15 years working with landlord and tenant laws, Sharron believes in strong fair housing policies.

• Sharron is deeply passionate about honoring and protecting homeless veterans and has experience working with veterans services.

• Sharron has a strong history of fighting for persons with disabilities, their constitutional rights, for equitable justice, education, and advocacy in housing cases.

• As an ardent advocate on issues of domestic violence, Sharron is committed to fighting for working mothers and the rights of vulnerable and oppressed groups in housing cases.

• Sharron believes in improving opportunities and is committed to policies promoting inclusion, service, and good stewardship.

• A former girl scout, Sharron prides herself in her work for Girl Scouts of America and for Cornerstone Church in Chandler, AZ. In her spare time, she enjoys family outings with her son and daughter.

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